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    Kids and Dogs Information and Resources


Kids Learning About Dogs

How To Love Your Dog (for kids only)

Lots of resources here. Learn about what dog ownership means, and how to decide which dog should be your best friend, and how to teach your dog to be a nice member of the family instead of a pain.

National 4-H Council

4-H is not just for the country. It has excellent programs in cities and towns, large and small. It offers an excellent opportunity for kids to learn more about responsible care for animals of all kinds, including dogs.

What do I need to get a puppy?

Are you trying hard to convince your family that you should have a puppy? There are a lot of important things the think about. The first step is to be truly honest about what you can, and what you cannot, provide for a puppy.

Before You Get a Dog

I know you want a dog. But please, make sure you are ready for a dog as well. Good information from Sandi Dremel

Kids Corner, AKC

A short true false quiz testing basic dog knowledge.

Best Friends Online

From the Public Education Department at the American Kennel Club this page offers educational materials dedicated to spreading the message of responsible dog ownership to children and adults. Includes some on line games for kids, and materials parents and teachers can print out or order.


From the Kids Themselves

This space is for kids and young adults to write about their experiences training and caring for dogs. If you are under 18, and are involved in formal activities with a dog, your story can appear here. Do you have advice for other kids about caring for or training dogs? Do you want to brag about, or warn about, your experiences? See Help with Contacting DogPlay  

Don't forget to include a title. If you have your own web site, I can just include a link to it.

Try,Try,Try and Try Again

Amanda and Dixie work together, to success.

Raising Puppies for Pilot Dogs

A story from one 4-H'er about raising a puppy to help a blind person.

Advice from Emily

gives some sound advice for kids who would really like to get a dog.

Pebbles and Arica, Hard Work Wins Out

Arica explains the benefits of really spending time with your dog.

Bandit learns some lessons

Bandit gets some help learning basic good dog lessons.

The non-dog family kid

Courtney describes the frustration and the success of being a dog lover in a family that really doesn't understand dogs.

Maddie's Delightful Rosie

Maddie talks about Rosie and why it might have been better to spend more training time earlier.

How We Got Our U-ACHX

Bethany talks about her success in putting a high agility title on her dog Sassy.

Trust, Advice from Ann

Ann gives advice on getting your dog to trust you.

Try,Try,Try and Try Again

Bethany talks about her success in putting a high agility title on her dog Sassy.

Books and Videos

Below is the short list, or you can check out the book reviews.


Good Dog! - Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behavior And Training
Evelyn Pang & Hilary Louie
Kids And Dogs - A Professional's Guide To Helping Families
Colleen Pelar
Family Friendly Dog Training - A Six Week Program For You And Your Dog
Patricia Mcconnell & Aimee Moore
Living With Kids And Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind by Colleen Pelar
Raising Puppies and Kids Together - A Guide For Parents
by Pia Silvani and Lynn Eckhardt
Sirius Puppy Training Video
by Ian Dunbar
A Kids' Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog!

  by Ian Dunbar

Why Dogs Do That by Nancy White

from Scholastic Books


by Jacqueline O'Neil, published by Howell

The Bookshop Dog

by Cynthia Rylant, The Blue Sky Press (Scholastic) ISBN 0-590-54331-8

Clicker Puppy

When you have children and puppies in the household the children can be involved in the puppy training. This video shows how.


Neat Stuff for Kids to Do With Their Dogs

This list is separate from the one above because these links are not specifically written for children. Instead they are activities I know or believe encourage participation by children, at least 8 and older. You, instead, could look at the entire dog activity list. All the activities listed below are listed there. I know that the agility organizations all have Junior Handling programs, as does competitive obedience. If you find an activity not listed here, that has a specific program for encouraging youth involvement, see Help with Contacting DogPlay.


When Your Pet Dies

This section is to offer some resources to help you sort out your feelings when your pet dies. It's a little sparse at the moment. It will grow, please be patient, or use the web to search for "pet loss support" or "grief support" there is a lot out there. There is also a newsgroup called:

Some Pet Loss Support Books for the Younger Child

Beginning with a post from here is a short list of books to help you dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. Generally best suited for the younger child.

Pet Loss Support Books from DogWise

I Heard Your Dog Died: Imaginings for Those Who Have Lost A Pet
By Bonnie Kreitler

Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page

Someone who understands, references to resources, links and more. A good place to start.

Cornell Pet Loss Support loss/

Trained volunteers provide understanding, support and compassion to help people learn how to cope with their emotions from pet loss.

Ontario Veterinary College Pet Loss Support Hotline loss/


I'll Always Love You. by H. Wile
Oh, Where Has My Pet Gone? A Pet Loss Memory Book by S. Sibilate
The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Visors
The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown
When a Pet Dies by Fred Rogers

Parents Corner - Kids, Dogs and Safety

Kids and Dogs can be either a terrific, or a terrible, combination depending upon how you handle it.


If you have kids, and are thinking about getting a dog.

If you have children the first question is not what kind of dog to get, but whether to get one. There are lots of factors involved, but the very first one is: Do you have the time, and the patience? Keeping a dog humanely is very like having yet another child. Here are some web sites that will help you explore the issues:

Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach

Another fine article from the Dog-Owner's Guide By Vicki Degut

Dog Owner's Guide: Kids and Dogs (Topic List)

A growing list of excellent articles on different aspects of dogs and kids, from safety to selection.

Preventing Dog Bites in Children

The page opens with a photo of dog bites on a child. If that will bother you, don't go there. Good information.

Children and Dogs: Important Information for Parents

A general overview on selection and supervision.

Fostering a safe relationship between your children and your dog.
A Dog for the Allergic?
Some ideas for those wanting a dog but needing to consider allergies.

If you have a dog, and are going to be having kids:

Take a look at the same sources above. Also:


Living With Kids And Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind Go to Store
by Colleen Pelar
Simple, realistic advice to help your child and dog develop a strong relationship, know when your dog is getting worried about normal kid activity; create a solid foundation and identify serious behavior problems before someone gets hurt.



Bite Prevention

An article from the City of Madison Public Health Department describing how bites may occur, how to avoid dog bites, and how to have a dog so that it is less likely to bite. Based on information from the Humane Society of the United States.

If you have a dog, kids and problems:

Dog growls or snaps at family members

What to do if the dog is growling or snapping at family members. (Slightly edited from advice on usenet).

The Large Dog and Children

Tips to understanding the dog-child interaction, and how to prevent problems.

Dog Owner's Guide: Kids And Dogs: Safety...

More tips on preventing problems in the dog-child interaction.

The Aggressive Behavior List

A discussion group by e-mail. You can ask questions here about aggressive dog behavior toward family members and other people and dogs.

Behavior, Socialization and Training Links
More behavior and training links to help with minor problems, or help locate in person help.





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