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  Kids to Kids Dog Advice From Maddie

My name is Maddie. I have a beautiful Airedale Terrier (who is almost 6) named Rosie. She is a wonderful dog. Although I love her so much, I blame myself everyday for all of her problems. Rosie is a very nervous dog. She barks at milk catons, soda cans, chairs, the vacuum, doorbells, other dogs, her food, squeaky toys, and nothing at all. Rosie just starts barking sometimes with no purpose. This is quite strange because most Airedales are quite level headed creatures. Rosie is such a neurotic dog because she was never trained. All she can do is sit. Every day I hug, pet and kiss my dog. I love Rosie so much more than I can ever say. Yet still every day I think of how perfect she would have been if only I had taken half an hour or less a day to train her. My advice to all you kids is: Train your puppy. It will definetely pay off in the end.

 This story is brought to you by Dog-Play thanks to the courtesy of the author, Maddie

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