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  The non-dog family kid


by Courtney Sweeney
It is very hard to get into the dog show game without help. Usually, kids turn to parents for help, looking for guidance. Sometimes though the parents don't get why the kids want to get in to dogs, or they don't have time or money, but are nonetheless supportive.

Most kids have parents that are handlers or majority into dogs, I certainly didn't. I might not be the best handler but I've made my mark. I had a very stubborn Dalmatian that I worked with and got discouraged almost every time I tried to show her in either Juniors or agility.

If you come from non dog family, it can be tough seeing kids with dogs perfectly trained constantly beating you. You just have to stick it out. There is one thing to remember:

You worked a bit harder than the others doing it your self, so when you do take first place or BJH savor it, you really, really earned it!

Courtney Sweeney


This story is brought to you by Dog-Play thanks to the courtesy of the author, Courtney Sweeney

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