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Behavior and Training

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Behavior, Socialization, and Training Links
These resources are intended to (a) point you to thoughtful and competent web sites on dog behavior issues (b) persuade you of the value of in person training, and help you choose a class or trainer for your dog (c) provide you the web sites for organizations that will help you find a competent dog trainer and (d) help you find a discussion list or on line group to help with behavior problems.
Clicker Links
Training your dog makes it more likely you will keep your dog. If you have been reluctant to train because you don't like being bossy, then give clicker training a try.
Peeing Puppies - Submissive Urination Links
Hooboy - the subject lines that accompany inquiries on this problem. Solvable in most cases if you understand that it is an instinctive reaction, it gets worse if you get angry or upset.
Poop eating Pets - Coprophagia links
Of all the dog problems there are this one that gets more people truly upset. I don't quite understand why, but I do know that people will dump their dogs over it. Mostly solvable with a bit of experimentation.
Tricks and other mental exercises
Training doesn't have to be boring. Training tricks and playing games with your dog is great for developing your relationship with your dog. You can make it fun for your dog to follow your direction.


Kids, Dogs and Safety
This is primarily a collection of resources of information collected from a variety of trainers and behaviorists. The page is in the top five most popular on this site.
Cats and Dogs, Introductions
This is a very casually written series taken from advice to a variety of people on that cats and dogs issue. I have a lot of experience with the dynamics of cats and kittens and dogs and puppies but I've never had a truly serious problem with the dog side of it. For me the cats are the tricky part.
Re-teaching the recall
I wrote this one after seeing the dozenth post of "my dog won't come." In most cases the person has actually accidentally taught the dog not to come. A good introduction to clicker training will make the information here a bit more understandable.
Aloneness Training
This one sounds like it is teaching "stay" and literally it is teaching "stay" but the point of the exercise is to teach the dog to be comfortable when you are away.
Bark Collars for the Barking Dog?
To the question of "What kind of bark collar should I get for my dog?" My usual response is, none. Instead work out ways to reduce the dog's need to bark.
Keeping the K9 out of the Kitty Box
Not everything requires a training answer. These are mostly a variety of management suggestions of how to make the cat box easily available to the cat, but not the dog.
Puppy leash training
The system taught here is based on the idea that the dog has no experience with leashes and thus no bad habit to undo. While it is called "leash training" the primary principle is to use anything but the leash to keep the dog with you. If you don't rely on physical control at that start, then you won't need it later.
Toys for bored dogs
Zoos call it "enrichment" I guess I could call it that too. Mostly this is an article on the various toys and chew things that can be used to length the time it takes for a dog to eat a meal.
Family Dog Growling or Snapping at Family Members
This is another attempt to stop senseless dog deaths. People wait far too long before taking growling and snapping seriously. Most of these problems could be completely cured if professional assistance were sought at the very first instance.
Free Dog Training Manual
I wasn't quite sure whether to put this in articles or editorials. The advice is good, and unlike the article below it isn't a rant. The title was a bit tongue-in-cheek because I don't think effective dog training can be learned very well by a "manual" alone - free or otherwise. But while it lacks specifics, the principles described are very accurate. If you actually put them into effect you will end up with a well behaved dog. And in every case I know of where the dog was mentally healthy, training failure was due to not applying these principles. Lack of consistency and lack of practice are the primary causes of training failure.


Dog Training - Fast and Simple
This is not an article on how to train your dog. It is my rant on people who fail to train, and the dogs that suffer and die because of it. If you like emotion, great, if not skip this one.
Why Write a Bitter Dog Training Page? -
This is a bit of explanation about why I wrote the "Dog Training Fast and Simple" article.
Discussion Dogs in Rural Areas
I get so frustrated when ignorance kills dogs. This is discussion occurred some years ago but the truth of it remains. The country is no place for the free roaming dog.
Choosing a group dog training class
I can't stress too strongly the value of a competent in person class. Most dog training failures are the result of unconscious behavior by the human half. It doesn't help when a book or web site tells you not to do something (e.g. give a double command) if you don't know you are doing it. Your learning will be more effective, faster and less stressful when you have someone to help you avoid unconscious behavior and encourage you when you are getting it right.
Is my dog aggressive? A question of aggression.
If you think your dog might be too aggressive don't panic, but do take it seriously. Your early intervention may make the difference between whether your dog lives or dies.
A Behavior Consultation - Success!
One in a series of articles by people who did consult with a trainer to give you an idea of what to expect.
Met With Trainer Yesterday - Good Things Happen!
One in a series of articles by people who did consult with a trainer to give you an idea of what to expect.
Training Helps Make Your Dog A Friend
One in a series of articles by people who did consult with a trainer to give you an idea of what to expect.
Dog Training Works!
One in a series of articles by people who did consult with a trainer to give you an idea of what to expect.


Resources for the Dog Owner
Resources for the Professional

Help in Understanding Your Dog's Behavior from Dogwise Books

These are books I recommend for common behavior problems. In general I don't think books alone are the answer. But I know that if the only choice I offer is "get a trainer" there is a good chance that advice will be ignored and the dog will die. So if you can get a good trainer, do so. It will allow you to get the right solution for your dog. But if you can't or won't get a trainer, or if there is no one competent within a reasonable distance, then these books can make the difference between life and death for your dog.

Click to Calm Parenting Your Dog Feisty Fido

Click to Calm
by Emma Parsons

Parenting Your Dog
by Trish King
Feisty Fido: Help For The Leash Reactive Dog
by Patricia McConnell & Karen London
Mine! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs I'll be Home Soon! The Bark Stops Here
Mine! A Guide To Resource Guarding In Dogs by Jean Donaldson
I'll Be Home Soon! by Patricia McConnell The Bark Stops Here by Terry Ryan
My Dog Pulls, What Do I Do? The Cautious Canine How to be the Leader of the Pack
My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas Cautious Canine by Patricia McConnell How To Be The Leader Of The Pack by Patricia McConnell
The Other End of the Leash Coaching People to Train Their Dogs Canine Separation Anxiety Workbook
The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
Coaching People To Train Their Dogs Seminar DVD Set by Terry Ryan
Canine Separation Anxiety Workbook, 5th Edition
by James O'Heare  
Outwitting Dogs Adolescent Dog Survival Guide How Dogs Learn
Outwitting Dogs
by Terry Ryan
Adolescent Dog Survival Guide
by Carol Lea Benjamin
How Dogs Learn
by Mary R. Burch and Jon S Bailey
Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age! Contol Unleashed A Dog Who's Always Welcome
Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age! Control Unleashed - Creating a Focused and Confident Dog A Dog Who's Always Welcome - Assistance And Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How To Socialize And Train Your Companion Dog

Clicker Training books and videos from Dogwise 

General Training books and videos from Dogwise

Problem Solving and Prevention book and video resources from Dogwise

Professional Resources from Dogwise
Handbook Of Applied Dog Behavior And Training, Vol. 3: Procedures And Protocols Handbook Of Applied Dog Behavior & Training, Vol. 2: Etiology And Assessment Handbook Of Applied Dog Behavior And Training
The Fundamentals of Animal Training DVD Teaching People, Teaching Dogs - Insights and Ideas for Instructors Behavior Problems in Dogs
The Fundamentals of Animal Training DVD Teaching People, Teaching Dogs - Insights and Ideas for Instructors Behavior Problems In Dogs by Bill Campbell
Dog Play - Understanding Play Between Dogs And Between Dogs And People Getting Compliance DVD Kids and Dogs
Dog Play - Understanding Play Between Dogs And Between Dogs And People DVD Getting Compliance And Working With Difficult Clients DVD Kids And Dogs - A Professional's Guide To Helping Families
Other Professional Level Resources
Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation    
Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation    
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