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   How We Got Our U-ACHX

by Bethany Bruns


Hi, my name is Bethany Bruns. I have three dogs, but one in particular that I want to tell you about. She is a Sheltie named U-ACHX Lambing Sassy Ann CDX U-CD CGC, or just Sassy. After begging my parents for a dog, they decided when I was 10 years old to let me have Sassy. I was very excited, and wanted to be the best owner I could, so I took her to obedience classes. She learned very quickly, although she didn't seem to enjoy obedience very much. Then I heard about agility, a new sport that was becoming very poplular. We decided to try it. Sassy also loved this new challenge, and did very well. The begining was rough, as she did NOT like the a-frame. Soon she conquored this fear though, and was off and running on a very exciting agility carrer. Soon we had our Agility 1 and Agility 2 titles, and were on our way to the coveted Agility Trial Championship. In April of 1997, she recieved a 200 score, and the last ten points on this title. Then we decided to go for another title, Agility Trial Champion Excelent. In December of 1997 in just four shows she recieved this title. I was so proud of her.

We are now working in obedience in Utility class, and are trying AKC agility. I also show many other dogs in conformation, and compete in Junior Handling. I hope to get a Papillon soon to start in competition, and hopfully get an U-ACHX on him too!

Bethany Bruns
PS--My screen name is Bethsasroo, e-mail me!at

Copyright Bethany Bruns Sat, 4 Mar 2000 21:02:17 EST

This story is brought to you by Dog-Play thanks to the courtesy of the author, Bethany Bruns.

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