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If you want your dog to trust you then you should first make sure your dog won't bite you when you put his/her leash on your dog. So, put the leash on your dog and go on a short walk in the morning. Then take your dog home and give him/her a treat or lite snack. Play ball with your dog when you have time. Look up how to teach your dog to sit and liedown, after your dog can sit and liedown fairly well you can teach him/her harder tricks. It may take some time to teach your dog anything, but if your nice your og is probily trying very hard to know what you are saying Be nice, be kind, but don't reward bad behaveyour.

Do this and soon your dog should trust you! But don't forget the walks!

 This story is brought to you by Dog-Play thanks to the courtesy of the author, Ann W. Schmitt

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