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Dog-Play: Sad, Mad and Glad Articles on Dogs

These are various articles on the Dog-Play web site that I have authored and that are not directly related to activities. If what you are seeking is diplomacy and tact then these articles may not meet that need. They are sometimes written as if they are directed at the dog owner, but they really are not. They are all written for me and if others can find something useful in them, well so much the better. Some are written to express my anger or my sadness. Some are written to express my joy, or amusement. Some are sarcastic and bitter, some are contemplative. Hey, some are even quite normal with an even and logical tone . . . . at least one or two, I promise.

  1. How Can You Tell When It's Cruel?
  2. Breed Specific Legislation
  3. Choosing a Dog
  4. How Oso Cleans His Teeth
  5. If Your Dog is Growling
  6. I'm Crying Today
  7. I'm Tired of Dead Dogs
  8. Pickle Dog and Good Fortune
  9. Kids and Dogs
  10. My Canine Good Citizenship Test Experiences
  11. Oso's Kittens
  12. Oso's Story
  13. Petshop Thanks
  14. How much is your puppy?
  15. Tanith's Story
  16. Training - Fast and Easy
  17. Tsuki's Story
  18. Thinking About Breeding Your Great Dog?
  19. What does "AKC" mean?
  20. Your Mixed Breed Dog






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