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I'm tired of dead dogs

I write a lot in the usenet newsgroups trying to get people to understand the consequences of their breeding decision. Sometimes I get just a bit frustrated. This post was a venting of that frustration.

I'm tired of dead dogs.      By Diane Blackman

Honestly, I'm really tired of dead dogs. I try to remember to be persuasive when answering "I want to breed my dog" posts. But every time I read one of those posts one thing haunts me. The thing that haunts me is the sight at our local animal control of barrel after barrel filled with dead dogs and cats. Tossed in and packed in tight, so much garbage to be hauled away to the rendering plant. I think of my friend who worked there, loved dogs, did the best by them he could and finally had a nervous breakdown haunted by all those dead dogs.

When I read the "I want to breed my dog" posts I am haunted by great sadness. I have in my mind's eye the cages of dogs I could not save. When I went to the animal shelters in search of the perfect dog for me I passed over some sweet nice dogs. I could not save them all. Although my heart tore to do it I looked for my match, and I found her. But the image of some of those dogs I left behind rests not too far behind the image on my dog's cage card - euthanasia date that afternoon.

I grieve for the dogs. I want to reach through the computer and slap these "I want to breed my dog" people silly. Gad how insular their lives that they do not know of the heartache of those shelters. Yet, I know, that they really do not know. These "I want to breed my dog" types are filled with myth and fantasy. They do not know the consequences of their vision. So I take twenty deep breaths, try to delete rather than send my angry post (although sometimes I miss) and try to teach them that there is more to learn.

Sometimes, like this very moment, it feels as though I'm beating my head against a brick wall. But I know that people do get educated, so I come back again, tilting at windmills and try to keep those haunting images at bay. I'll keep trying, but damn, I'm tired of dead dogs.

Diane Blackman
Companion of Tanith and Oso; Nox, Yoda, Lady Greystoke, Mr. Doublestuff and Pazzaz

You must speak to be heard.

The down side of a rant is that it lacks in detail and explanation. I got an email from one who was unable to understand, which set me off on another rant, perhaps, I hope, with a little more education.



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