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   Laurie Leach: A look at the Truth About Dogs

Laurie Leach is a dog lover, dog sports aficionado, humorist, and author. Around 2002 she started an e-zine known as the Laughing Dog Press. This is what she had to say on the original Laughing Dog Press web site.


I have been thinking about this newsletter and web site for several years, between dog training, dog feeding, and competing in a variety of dog events. Dogs and writing have been my passion for many years. Bringing the two together at Laughing Dog Press is close to heaven.

I have an eclectic background with dogs. For many years, I trained and raced sled dogs. Although I began with huskies, I quickly transitioned to an odd group of hound types that I rescued from a variety of bad circumstances. I found my best dog wandering down the side of a freeway. When the team was too elderly to race, I trained in obedience. However, obedience made me anxious. The minute agility showed up on the American scene, I picked up my dog and raced out of the obedience ring. I have been actively competing for the past five years. Agility makes me anxious, and I love it anyway. I have four dogs currently, three Papillons and a new Sheltie pup who is busy gnawing on my ankle.

I am excited at the prospect of meeting other folks who love dogs as much as I do but who are also amused about our complex relationship with them.


The original web site got lost. Eventually I asked Laurie permission to try to find the parts and post them to my site. These are the results.


The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility: Laurie Leach






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