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  Luke Goes To Church

by Terri McAuley

I went to the home where my mom lives, to pick her up on a recent Sunday, and since she's only recently been there, I didn't realize that they held church in the foyer for the older inbound residents of the center. Walked right in the front door with Luke right smack dab in the middle of a sermon, preacher up there on a podium...instantly froze! Didn't want to interrupt, but I couldn't get through without someone moving in the row of chairs, and my frozen brain refused to remind me to turn around and leave the same way I came in!!

After a few seconds, the minister stopped the sermon, (Luke could tell I was proud of the attention he gathered by my red face), and told me to come on through...Well, of course EVERYONE turned around! As I apologetically moved my way through, people moving their chairs for Luke and I, it suddenly occurred to me, "we're not getting thru here that easily"! These old arthritic, gnarled hands shakingly and gently reached out, wanting to touch Luke. Luke, always the gentleman but never having spent too much time around super frail old bones, worried me because I was afraid he might accidentally step on someone's foot. But it was the oddest thing, he tucked his tail straight down, didn't lick anyone's hand, looked at me kind of strange, and gently proceeded his way down the line, letting everyone get a good pat or two. He took great care not to step on anyone's toes, nor wag his tail, it was like he understood he had to be extra careful...

It took us about 5 minutes to get thru the "reception" line, but when we did, there was one long line of old, smiling faces... definitely made MY day!!!


This article is brought to you by Dog-Play reprinted here courtesy of the author, Terri McAuley. This story appeared in the rec.pets.dogs.activities newsgroup. Even though Luke is not a certified therapy dog. I hope it brought a smile to your face.
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