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 Schutzhund and Ring Sport

Although it also includes obedience and tracking, the protection part of Schutzhund is the most well known, and the most controversial. Properly bred, raised and trained a Schutzhund or Ring Sport dog should be less dangerous than the same dog untrained. But it is a sport that has more serious consequences to people if it is badly done than, for example, agility. Considerable thought and attention needs to be given to the consequences of teaching a dog that it is OK to put teeth on people. This is not because the dogs are "bad" but because those who have abused the training have left much legislation and anti-dog sentiment in their wake. For example, if a dog trained to bite does so and is not legally justified, in some states the dog owner can face criminal charges. Insurance policies often contain clauses that void coverage if the dog is trained to bite. So part of your decision to get involved really must include research into whether there are significant legal risks. Regardless of this downside there are thousands of people and their dogs enjoying this sport.

Also I have heard of abusive training practices. I've never seen them. While I've never trained a dog in the sport I have worked with trainers and participated as an assistant in classes where such training was done. People looking for serious protection disagree with the principle but for the sport many dogs are taught the activity is fun. And so it was for the dogs I observed. However, I have heard enough from people I trust to caution you in selecting a trainer. Be careful. If the trainer won't let you observe a few classes, go elsewhere. Meet the dogs. Are they stable? Are they under control?

There are a number of other protection sports and activities.

United Schutzhund Clubs of America
What is Schutzhund?

(GSD only)

Schutzhund FAQs
A short general overview with references to links and books.
What is Schutzhund? by the DVG America

DVG encourages the training and titling dogs of all kinds (mixed breeds included). In addition to Schutzhund and advanced tracking degrees, it offers Obedience and Tracking titles I through III,
providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the smallest of breeds.

Differences between French Ring and Schutzhund
Obedience and Protection Scenarios from Dog Sports

Books and Videos on Schutzhund and Guard Dogs from Dogwise.

Other protection sports


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