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Dogs on JFF Agility Equipment

Activity description Tanith on the TableTanith on the "Table" Sometimes I think that the unsteady nature of this table is an advantage since she almost never slides off the real table in competition. Although this table is small we have had much larger, up to 85 pound, dogs on it. As long as the dog is not fearful there is much to be said for equipment that encourages self control.
Tanith pops out of the TunnelTanith pops out of the Tunnel
This photo is classic Tanith. When she is in motion you'd never guess that she has completely floppy ears. Like most dogs Tanith really likes the tunnel. Oso likes the tunnel. I can tell because he goes in on his own if I just let him wander around the equipment. However, he tends to walk rather than run through the tunnel.

Oso Strolls Off the Dog-WalkOso Strolls Off the Dogwalk
This photo is classic Oso. While he can really run the word "hurry" isn't in his vocabulary. He rarely misses a contact. Of course he rarely goes faster than a trot. Serves me right for wishing I had a slower dog when I started training Tanith.


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