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Dogs on the Dog Walk

Activity description Winky on the Dog Walk
This shows the surprising lack of flex in the dog walk. Winky is not a small dog. Consider adding extra width to the dog walk if you are likely to have large dogs on it regularly, and you are not competing. Winky, here, needs to go slowly and carefully because she still doesn't know where her back feet are.

I designed this dogwalk without too much thought, and honestly it could be designed a lot better. Still it has worked well enough I haven't been motivated to improve the design. Closer pictures and a description of what I did are on the dog walk page.

Oso Poses on the Dog Walk Oso stops to take a look around. This was the most challenging piece of equipment for Oso because (like Winky above) he doesn't really know where his back feet are. This is common for dogs. There are exercises to improve this. Interestingly once he conquered this he had no problem the first time he met the teeter-totter. The big advantage of this dog walk is that it is very light weight. It is made of rain gutter pipe that is square.

If you prefer more sophisticated and traditional equipment check out the agility equipment links page. The links offer everything from books with construction plans, to budget agility equipment, parts suppliers, and even competition grade agility obstacles and supplies.

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