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 Day trips and vacations

One question that comes up all the time is "what hotels accept" dogs? More and more often people are including their dogs on vacations, and enjoy including their dogs in their weekend activities.

I spoke to one hotel manager about dog policies in general. What he mentioned surprised me. He wasn't so concerned about the irresponsible owner. He said that hotels are in a real tight spot. More people are traveling with their dogs. There is a real market there. On the other hand more people are complaining of allergies.

Anyway, I thought I'd collect a few links on hotels, trips, tours and similar sites for day trips and vacations. My goal is not to collect information on individual accommodations. Nope, that's too much work and I'd never keep up. Instead the sites below are intended to help make your search easier. Some of them do collect information on specific hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, camps and other places that actively invite pets. Other sites merely offer a specialized search engine, or names of hotels that will accept pets (even if not given an extra welcome). If you are moving, or otherwise traveling with your dog at least one of these links should be able to point you to a decent place to stay. There are also an increasing number of printed guides and books for traveling with your pet.

Please note: Don't write me and ask for more information. I'm not going to keep it a secret. If I have the information it will be here. If the information isn't here I don't have the information. I'm also not going to include every site that might be related, and I'm not going to be a billboard. If you know of a site that is really outstanding then feel free to ask me to include it. Be sure to point me exactly to that outstanding page, if its not on the opening page, because I'm not going to spend anytime tracking it down.

If you are looking for a dog friendly vacation activity also check the camps and hiking pages.

Dog Trips - Vacacations that specifically include your dog

Dog Paddling Adventures

Guided water adventures with your dog.

Crystal Wood Lodge

Well behaved pets are most welcome in the lodge, guest rooms and throughout the grounds. Pet friendly specific amenities include crates in every room, swimming ponds and hiking paths, a dog washing facility, and pet day care available to our guests wishing to enjoy "people-only" activities.

Dog Lovers Companion Book

Dog Lover's Companion is one of the oldest sources of dog friendly travel.  The guidebook series called The Dog Lover's Companion describe and rate recreation areas, restaurants, lodgings, and diversions for dog lovers who want to travel with their dogs. It also tells which areas are leash-free.

Campingpet Adventure Club

A membership club for exchanging information and possibly obtaining discounts on cabins, B&B's, campgrounds and outdoor related businesses that are specifically pet friendly.

Boston Harbor Islands

A 25-minute boat ride to the Boston Harbor Islands with "man's best friend then romp and play, shoot pix, hike and explore the uninhabited island X-country skiing, snowshoeing, birding and more are also options.

Sheep dung Estates

When last visited this web site did not provide full access. Rustic lodging that welcomes dogs.

Blue Sky Dogs

Based out of New York Blue Sky Dogs organizes and plans canine friendly get-aways and adventures just for you.

Also see dog camps

Dogs Allowed - Vacations Resources that allow your dog to be with you

Choice Hotels Pet Friendly Lodging

Choice HotelsŪ offers more than 2,500 pet-friendly lodging options. So pack the leash and the treats and enjoy a vacation with Fido or Fluffy at one of our pet-friendly hotels today.

Belvilla holiday homes

A wide range of varied holiday homes in different European countries with selected accommodations where you and your dog are more than welcome.


Lists a large number of dog friendly buinesses and services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as several other locations (Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Portland, Boston, Houston, and many more).

A collection of a variety of establishments that will welcome your dog. The page design is very busy so it might take some looking to narrow down what you are looking for.

Bring Fido

In partnership with partnership with Travelocity, offers a dog travel directory with reviews, detailed pet policy information, and online reservations at more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels. One of the easier sites to navigate.

Pets on the Go

Another in the increasing number of pet travel resources. The page design is very busy so it might take some looking to narrow down what you are looking for.

The PET FRIENDLY Canada Directory


Pet Friendly

The site offers discount hotel rates on pet friendly hotels and accommodations.

A variety of information and services for people who want to travel with their pets.

Pet Vacations - traveling with your dog or cat

Another good collection of information and accommodations.

Pet passport and travel information

If you have tried everyplace else, then try here. Because this site is heavily advertised it just might have a larger database. The downside is that it in no way specializes in pet friendly accomodations, it just allows you to enter that requirement in its search engine.



Dog Lover's Companion Book

 The guidebook series called The Dog Lover's Companion includes books for California, Florida, Seattle, Atlanta, and Boston. The guides describe and rate recreation areas, restaurants, lodgings, and diversions for dog lovers who want to travel with their dogs. It also tells which areas are leash-free.

Motels, B&Bs, campsites, beaches, ski resorts and more.

So You Want To Build A Dog Park? So You Want To Build A Dog Park?


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