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 Flygility Links

Sorry this is just a list links to other sites at this time. Go look, they should provide a good explanation of the activity. If not please let me know.



A relatively new sport combining elements of flyball and agility. This page has a brief overview, Flygility Rules, and The Flygility Correspondence Competition that anyone can do anywhere

NALA Flygility Link Competition

Dogs from different clubs to compete with one another without meeting together. Each club runs the course at their own site and submits the results. While flygility hasn't "taken off" across the globe there is no reason why a team in the USA can't compete against a team in New Zealand.

New Zealand Flygility Dog Association

A detailed introduction to flygility in New Zealand.

Flyball and Flygility

A good basic description of the sport.

Nelson Dog Training Club

Some good pictures, although a bit slow loading as the webmaster hasn't edited the pictures to be a smaller size.

Flygility Videos on YouTube

A collection of flygility videos on YouTube can help you better understand the sport.


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