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  Links to Dog Parks, Dog Runs and Off Leash Play

Links to Information on Design and Policy Considerations

There are a number of web sites that explore various points in starting dog parks. Particularly good ones are:

Public Open Space and Dogs

An absolutely invaluable site for supporting your cause if you want to start a dog park or save one. Offers reasoned analysis including a page of academic references.

Proposal compiled by DOG-PAC of Santa Barbara

This is a position paper presenting the whys and hows for a dog park in Santa Barbara. It could be very useful in considering how to make a presentation in your own community.

Dop Park USA

Regional and specific maps and descriptions of dog parks across the country.

Free Play

This site is devoted to promoting dog parks and dog runs for every community. It has collected information on places that have dog parks as well as exploring how to establish them.

A case presentation from Free Play

Another report to be presented to a public agency that you may find useful in promoting your own dog parks.


Want to start a dog park of your own? Here are some great tips from Robin Kovary, whose group was told it was impossible and achieved it.

The Bark Unleashed: Community Dog Parks

An article from Claudia Kawczynska in "The Bark" about dog park advocacy. It covers understanding the politics involved and formin and action plan.

When can I let my dog off leash? by Perfect Paws

A nice article with a realistic outlook. Pay attention!

Dog Friendly Parks in Marin County, California

Outlines important points for anyone interested in promoting dog parks in their own area. Provides information on Marin County Dog Parks.

Point Isabel Dog Owners

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline maintained by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) as a mixed-use, open space area where responsible owners may bring their dogs to run off-leash.

Poway Dog Park

In Poway California, one of the pages on this site outlines ideas for dog parks.

Parsons Kansas Dog Owners Association

A group for dog owners in Parsons, Kansas and the surrounding communities. Big and small dogs welcome- all breeds and mixes. Long term goals for our group include annual dog events, DogPlay groups, training with free or low-cost classes, and lobbying for a fenced off-leash park in Parsons.

Pleasant Hill Dog Owners Group

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, flyers, etc.

Westchester and Putnam dog parks

Provides information and locations of dog parks in Westchester and Putnam counties. The page provides "Dog Park Manners 101" and a link to local resources for dog training and obedience for off leash activities.

Dog Park Rules and Guidelines

Some dog park rules and guidelines submitted courtesy of Susan Umbley.

DogPlay: Dog Parks

A general discussion on dog parks and some thoughts on starting one or keeping one going.


So You Want To Build A Dog Park? Susyn Stecchi/DogParksUSA

Visiting The Dog Park - Having Fun, Staying Safe Visiting The Dog Park - Having Fun, Staying Safe


Links to Finding Dog Parks or Places Allowing Off Leash Dogs

Please don't write me asking if I know of a dog park near you. I don't collect that kind of information. The links on the pages below may collect that kind of information. If someone has submitted the information, then they will have it. You can be rest assured that nothing is being hidden from you.

Free Play

This site is devoted to promoting dog parks and dog runs for every community. It has collected information on places that have dog parks as well as exploring how to establish them.

Dog Friendly Parks and Beaches in Boston

This site helps Boston area dog owners find dog parks for walking their dog, and for the owners to socialize

Hamden Dog Park

Hamden Dog Park at Bassett in Hamden, Connecticut. How it came about, what it's like, activities and pictures.

San Francisco Dog Owners Group (SFDOG)

San Francisco community organization dedicated to keeping the city pet friendly.

An on-line magazine and discussion forum about dog parks and listings of dog parks across the United States.

Hiking and Backpacking With Your Dog

A few links to some great sites on preparing your dog for long hikes and backpacking, where to find equipment and similar information. Also lists places where dogs are allowed to be off leash but are not dog parks. They are standard recreational facilities where the rules allows dogs off leash, but your dog is expected not to interfere with strangers.

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