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Rescue Dogs are Great Dogs! These pins, shirts, mugs and posters celebrate the rescue dog. And what is a rescue dog? It might be a shelter dog. Or it might be a dog taken from a shelter and fostered by a group dedicated to finding the right home for it. Or it might be a dog in any similar situation. To find a great rescue dog try, or check your local shelter, or ir you have a specific breed in mind contact the breed club for referrals. Adult rescue dogs are often a wonderful choice for families with younger children as a mature dog should be past the nipping stage, is usually much easier to housetrain, and you will be better able to assess its true temperament. You can get more information on the Rescue Dog page. And if you were thinking of search and rescue dogs - well they are great too - you get get more information on the Search and Rescue page.

Best Dogs Are Rescues

Give a Home

Bring a Smile Adopt

Great Dog Activities

Open Your Heart

Next Best Friend

I Love Rescue Dogs

I Love Rescue Mutts

Rescue Dogs Rule

Best Mutts Are Rescues

Adopt A Rescue

Ask About Rescue Mutts

Ask About Rescue Dogs

I Love Mutts

Share Your Heart

I Share My Heart
Adopt a Mutt


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